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Filipe Antunes Da Silva

I am an enthusiastic Game Programmer

About Me

Who Am I ?

I am a Game Programmer working at Mino Games.
I also worked at CERN

Where am I located ?

I am currently based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada)

What do I do ?

I design and develop amazing software, middleware and videogames along with fantastic people


I am currently unavailable (working at Mino Games !)

What I can do for you

Game Design

The first step in video games. A good game has to start with good Game Design, so player experience can be as good as possible

This was the main topic of my first studies.

Game Development

Programming games is what I aim to do for my whole life. Designing and programming a game from scratch is my passion.

Post-Release Updates

Releasing a game doesn't always mean it's the end for the project. Updating the game with new features and fixing any possible bugs that may occur is also part of my daily worklife.


Design Skills

• Game Mechanics Design

• Game Design Documents redaction

• Level Design & Building

• Notions of Rational Game Design

• Balancing

• Story-Telling

• User Experience and Interfaces (UX/UI)

• Focus on Feedbacks and Player Interactions

• Progression Systems

Programming Skills

• Gameplay Programming

• Engine Programming

• Tools Programming

• Architecture and Optimisation (Memory/CPU)

• User Interface/Experience (UI/UX)

• Unity (C#)

• Unreal Engine 4 (C++/Blueprint)

• Notions of LUA on Pico8

• Notions of HTML5, CSS and bootstrap

Social Skills

• Passion for video games

• Teamwork and spreading positivity

• Collaboration and Communication

• Problem Solving

• Ability to Work Under Pressure

• Punctuality

• Creativity

• Adaptibilty

• Eagerness to Learn New Things

Experience & Education


ISART Logo 2018-2020

Game Engine Programming

ISART Digital (Montreal, QUEBEC, CANADA)

After working at C.E.R.N. I wanted to learn more about Game Engines. After only two years, I developped an entire 3D Game Engine with an editor from scratch

BELLECOUR Logo 2015-2017

Game Design

Bellecour Ecole (Lyon, FRANCE)

I studied Game Design at Bellecour Ecole during two years

I was Valedictorian for the whole second year

I was also introduced to Level Design and Programming there


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  • Game Engines
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  • Level Designs

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